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KEY1 - The World of Disruptive Technologies and Abundance
KEY2 - It’s a MAD and MAD and MAD Cyber World: Imagine What You Can Do About Cybersecurity and Risk Management Presentation
KEY3 - Unleashing IT To Disrupt and Define and Differentiate Future Strategies Presentation
KEY4 - Imagine and Create and and Celebrate the Future!


APP1Crunch! Is Legal Ready To Take a Bite Out of Apple? Presentation
APP2 - SharePoint Development: When Out-of-the-Box Just Isn’t Enough Presentation
APP3 - Predictive Analytics: Email Management Magic? Presentation
APP4 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Searching For... Presentation
APP5 - Ways To Succeed or Screw Up Your Legal Tech Deployments Presentation
APP6 - Full Disk Encryption on Your Desktop Presentation
APP7 - Creating the Perfect DMS Presentation
APP8 - Imagine the Change: Practical and Effective QA Presentation
APP9 - From Paper to Production: Lessons Learned from Deploying a Virtual Desktop (VDI) Computing Environment Presentation
APP10 - Millenial and Schmillenial - Bridging the Generation Gap in Awesome Training for Lawyers Blurred Lines; Meet the Generations
APP11 - Wrap a Lasso Around That Cloud Presentation
APP12 - Could We and Should We Co-Author? Presentation
APP13 - Moving Your Helpdesk Support from the Dark Ages to the Age of Enlightenment Presentation
APP14 - Turn Your Rollout Lemons into Lemonade Presentation
APP15 - Fine-Tuning Desktop Security Presentation
APP16 - Document Management in the Cloud Presentation
APP17 - Top 10 Tablet Tasks Talked Through Thoroughly Presentation
APP18 - CYA with BYOD Policies Presentation
DASPG1- Talk to Yourself and Be Crazy (Productive) Presentation
DASPG2 - Application White Listing: Picking Up Where Antivirus Leaves Off Presentation; Beyond Trust; Bit9
DASPG3 - Demystifying Microsoft Desktop Licensing Presentation
DASPG4 - Decision Factors for Windows 8/8.1 Presentation
DASPG5 - Navigating the Decision Tree of Windows 8 and Office 2013 and Office 365 Presentation
DASPG6 - Office 2013 and Worksite 9.0: Smooth Sailing or Choppy Weather? Presentation
USSPG1 - Out of Oblivion: The Future of Training and Support Presentation
USSPG2 - Performance and Costs Behind Staffing the Helpdesk Presentation
USSPG3 - Onboarding New Hires ... Imagine the Best! Presentation
USSPG4 - What ABA Rule Changes and Outside Counsel Audits Mean for Attorney Training Presentation; ABA Commission Report; Firm Security Assessment Doc
USSPG5 - Build the Framework for an Effective Learning Management System Presentation
USSPG6 - Imagine ... Educational Content That Is Current and Catalogued and Convenient Presentation


ECMPG1 - Making Your DMS More Useful
ECMPG2 - The Electronic Record: From Wishful Thinking to Reality Presentation
ECMPG3 - Privacy Laws and Enterprise Content: Can Your ECM Systems Facilitate Compliance?
ECMPG4 - Is Matter Centricity All We Dreamed? Presentation
ECMPG5 - SharePoint: The Window into Your Firm Presentations: Baker Donelson; Debevoise; Handshake
ECMPG6 - Is Your DM Locked Down or Opt-In? Presentation
IGPG1 - Build Enterprise Information Governance from the Ground Up
IGPG2 - Managing IG Expectations Across Generations
IGPG3 - Ungoverned Information Equals Litigation Disaster: What Your Firm Should Do Presentation; Taskforce Report
IGPG4 - Aligning the Tenets of Information Governance with Your Firm's IG Strategy
INFO1 - Do Collaborative Spaces Ever Work? Presentation
INFO2 - Notes in the Key of E Major: How To Make Your Extranet Sing Presentation
INFO3 - To App or Not To App?
INFO4 - Cloud Computing in a Post-Snowden World Presentation
INFO5 - Linking Up with LinkedIn: A Focal Point for Enhancing Your Professional Profile
INFO6 - Content-ment: One Step Beyond Content Aggregation
INFO7 - Easy As Pie: The Right Recipe for Providing Self-Service Content to Your Clients
INFO8 - Legal Ethics of Email Management
INFO9 - Research Goes Mobile: Managing Research Tools in the Cloud Presentation
INFO10 - Find and Leverage Your Firm's Hidden Experts Presentation
INFO11 - SharePoint 2013: Can It Work for Your Firm? Presentation
INFO12 - Is Your Next Lawyer an Avatar? Imagination Unharnessed — Using Virtual Reality for Real-Life Advantages
INFO13 - Social Media: Worth the Time and Effort Presentation
INFO14 - Smart Document Management with SharePoint Presentation
KMPG1 - The Rise of Expert Systems: Threat or Opportunity to Traditional Legal Services?
KMPG2 - KM and Security and Compliance: Fist Fight or Compromise?
KMPG3 - Leveraging Experience To Enhance the Bottom Line: New Information and New Tools
KMGP4 - It's a Failure Party! How To Celebrate These Learning Opportunities
KMPG5 - Gaming the Lawyers: Driving Adoption and Contribution and Change Presentation
KMPG6 - Upselling KM: What Would Don Draper Do?
MISC2 - ARMA: Information Governance: A Revenue Source Potential
MISC6 - LegalSEC: A Day in the Life of a Threat Actor

HAND1 - Avoid Death by PowerPoint: Convert Existing Presentations to Interactive E-Learning 
HAND2 - Hands-On with Google Apps: What You Should Know About Client Collaboration and Workflow 
HAND3 - Social Media University: Ramping Up Your Social Community
HAND4 - Visio Hands-On: A Tool for the Board Room and Computer Room! Presentation
HAND5 - Provisioning IT at the Speed of Need with Microsoft Azure Presentation; Additional Files
HAND6 - Gamify Learning for Serious Results Presentation
HAND7 - Enhance the Excel Experience Part 1 Presentation; Part 2 Presentation
HAND8 - I Can’t Believe It’s Not Virtual! A Hands-On Lab with App-V Presentation
MISC1 - Sharon Swartworth Leadership Development Seminar - IMAGINE Yourself As a Leader
SV1 - HP Autonomy: Unlocking the Power of the Cloud
SV2 - Aderant Corporate Update
SV3 - Thomson Reuters Company Update: Improving the Practice of Law Through Insightful Analytics and Enhanced Workflow and Superior Service 
SV4 - Thomson Reuters Elite Company Update
SV5 - LexisNexis: Finding the Competitive Edge: Legal Technology Opportunities To Optimize Your Practice
SV6 - OpenText: eDOCS Roadmap Update
SV7 - Microsoft Update: Cloud First and Mobile First (and What That Means for Legal)

BFMPG1 - Impact Your Bottom Line with Business Process Management Presentation
BFMPG2 - Key Financial Performance Measures - Then and Now Presentation
BFMPG3 - CFO Roundtable
BFMPG4 - Teaching Lawyers to Price Presentation
BFMPG5 - An Introduction to Data Visualization
BFMPG6 - Reconnecting Value and the Cost of Legal Services Presentation
BFMPG7 - LPM Budget Management: May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor Presentation
LAWDEPT1 - Law Department Operations Roundtable
LAWDEPT2 - Diving Deep Into E-Discovery: Law Department Roundtable 
LAWDEPT3 - Law Department Security Concerns
LAWDEPT4 - Services and Applications: Jump-Start the Vetting Process Presentation; Handout
LDPG1 - Harness Your Department's Knowledge So You Can Work Smarter Presentation
LDPG2 - Process Improvement 101 for Law Departments Presentation
LDPG3 - Rock the Workflow and Process Map It!
LDPG4 - Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze? Legal Spend Management Presentation
LPSPG1 - A Need for Speed: Leveraging Analytics in Document Review
LPSPG2 and LPSPG4 - What Makes Up ESI Protocols?  071813 ESI Guidelines; Suggested EDiscovery Protocol; Jump Start Handout; Meet and Confer; Piecing Together the EDD Plan; Principles Relating to the Discovery of ESI; Standing Order Relating to the Discovery of ESI
LPSPG3 - Geek to Chic: Smoothing the Techie Edges by Developing Advisory Skills
LPSPG5 - A Checklist for Getting the Most Out of Your E-Discovery Vendor Relationship Presentation; Checklist
LPSPG6  E-Discovery Review Platform Selection - One Year Later Presentation
MISC3 - Women in Leadership - What Does It Take To Be a Leader? Session Video
MISC4 - Women Who Lead: Work-Life Balance
MISC5 - Legal Technology Future Horizons Research Project
MISC7 - "Stealth" Disruption from A-Z Session Video
MISC8 - Resume Workshop – Featuring Job Search Tips from the Pros
ORG1 - Research and Development In Law Firms (or Not): Stories of Innovation Presentation
ORG2 - The Successful Technology Committee Presentation
ORG3 - Send Your Lawyers to “Business School” Presentation
ORG4 - When Dashboards Are Stupid Presentation
ORG5 - Tell It to the Judge - An Audience with Respected Jurist Judge Andrew Peck on Various E-Discovery Topics Presentation; Session Video
ORG6 - “Naked” Leadership Presentation
ORG7 - Automation That Matters: Budget Tracking and Performance Reporting Presentation
ORG8 - Up-and-Coming CIOs: How To Get There and Be Great
ORG9 - Career Evolution: Fulfilling the Need for Legal Project Managers Presentation
ORG10 - The View from Above: COOs Talk IT and Firm Strategy
ORG11 - Leadership and the Art of Organizational Communication Presentation
PSPG1 - Using Big Data To Measure Marketing and Business Development ROI Presentation
PSPG2 - The Foundations of Project Management Presentation
PSPG3 - Marketing Roundtable
PSPG4 - Making Agile Work Presentation
PSPG5 - Insights on Innovation
PSPG6 - Making CRM Work in a Law Firm

SPEC1 - World-Class Training on Any Budget Presentation; Handout; Checklist
SPEC2 - Here and Now and Beyond: Law Firm 2020
SPEC3 - How To Run a Small IT Department… and Live To Tell About It Presentation
SPEC4 - Finding the Fulcrum and Tipping Boulders: Strategic Approaches to Effecting Change
SPEC5 - A Top-Down Management Approach to Information Security Presentation
SPEC6 - Beyond the Chasm: Establish a Culture That Embraces Change
SPEC7 - Parting the Clouds: Navigate the Risks and Challenges of Cloud-Based Services for Legal Presentation
SPEC8 - Law Firm 101 - The First Chapter Presentation
SPEC9 - What Happens on Facebook Doesn't Stay on Facebook: Social Media Discovery Tools Presentation
SPEC10 - The Legal Industry Inflection Point: The Time for Innovation Is Now!
SPEC11 - Survival Skills for Introverts: Thriving Quietly in Our Loud World Presentation; Session Video
SPEC12 - Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better ... Predictive Coding vs. Human Review
SPEC13 - Building a Frictionless Experience (The Art of Balancing the User Experience) Presentation
SPEC14 - The Science and Magic of a Thriving Team
SPEC15 - Legal Tech Trends: The Good and the Bad and the (Surprisingly Not!) Ugly
SPEC16 - Large Firm Hustle: An Oscar-Worthy Discussion Forum Presentation
SPEC17 - Big Data: Considerations and Challenges and Benefits for Law Firms Presentation
SPEC18 - Do Robot Lawyers Dream of Billable Seconds? Presentation
SPEC19 - Enhance Legal Services Delivery with Seamless Collaboration Presentation

CTPG1 - iMagine Apple's iOS in Your Office
CTPG2 - The Resilient WAN Presentation
CTPG3 - Mobile Technology in the Courtroom Presentation
CTPG4 - Can You Hear Me Now? Communicating During Emergencies Presentation
CTPG5 - MDM Application Wrapping Presentation
CTPG6 - Wireless Network Current Presentation
ETPG1 - The 2020 Data Center
ETPG2 - What's That? New and Cool Technologies
ETPG3 - DMS in the Cloud
ETPG4 - Tablet Death Match II – The Perfect Build
ETPG5 - Into the Breach: Prepare and Prevent and Recover Presentation
ETPG6 - Five Low-Cost Security Takeaways
SOSPG1 - Beyond the Logs: Leveraging Security Analytics (for a Team of One to 100) Presentation
SOSPG2 - VDI: The Next Big Thing or Modern-Day Money Pit? Presentation
SOSPG3 - Virtualization Security: It's the Same (but Different)
SOSPG4 - Network Monitoring Tools for the Modern Network  Presentation
SOSPG5 - Securing Active Directory So It Isn't Your Weakest Link Presentation
SOSPG6 - Security Policies and Procedures: Why You Need Them and How To Decide Which Ones Matter Most
TECH1 - Our Online World and the Internet of All Things Presentation
TECH2 - Creating Technical Diagrams
TECH3 - A Deep Dive into Active Directory on Windows Server 2012 R2 
TECH4 - The Pajama Workforce: Solutions for Supporting Telecommuters
TECH5 - You've Recovered; Can you Function? 
TECH6 - The Value of the Vendor Handshake
TECH7 - The Journey to Enterprise Voice and Unified Communications through Lync 2013 
TECH8 - Is Hyper-V 3.0 Ready for the Enterprise? Presentation
TECH9 - Survivor and IT Edition: The Security Audit
TECH10 - Deep Thoughts on Tiered Data Strategies by Jack Handey Presentation
TECH11 - Virtual Insanity: Choosing a Hypervisor Isn't As Easy As It Used To Be
TECH12 - Storage Options and Trends That Enable Legal

SPOT1 - Intapp Open: New Business Intake and Conflicts Management
SPOT2 - Aderant Business Intelligence and Analytics
SPOT3 - SaneBox To Outsmart Your Inbox
SPOT4 - Finding the Competitive Edge in Relationships with LexisNexis InterAction
SPOT5 - Biscom Verosync for Secure File Synchronization and Sharing Presentation
SPOT6 - HP Autonomy ECM in the Cloud
SPOT7 - Announcing Iridium BI: A Complete BI Solution Designed Specifically for Law Firms (Game On!)  Presentation
SPOT8 - American LegalNet: The eDockets Rules-Based Calendaring Solution
SPOT9 - The Future of E-Learning and Assessment with TutorPro 360
SPOT10 - Security and Privacy in Microsoft Office 365
SPOT11 - NGAGE: Comprehensive and Integrated Analytics for SharePoint and HP WorkSite and Yammer and Beyond  
SPOT12 - LexisNexis: Insourcing vs. Outsourcing E-Discovery
SPOT13 - Phoenix MatterView for FileSite: Manage All Your Matter Data In One Place
SPOT14 - Thomson Reuters Elite: The Link Between Matter Management Technology and Profitability and Client Retention
SPOT15 - Recommind Axcelerate 5 Review and Analysis
SPOT16 - Sony Digital Paper: A New Kind of Device
SPOT17 - Capensys in Partnership with LTC4: Is Your Firm Technologically Competitive? 
SPOT18 - Securing Your Information Inside and Outside the Firm with OpenText eDOCS
SPOT19 - Kraft & Kennedy Presents - Application Virtualization (APP-V) for Legal
SPOT20 - Thomson Reuters: The Future of CRM is More Than CRM
SPOT21 - Intapp Time: Next-Generation and 360-Degree Time Management
SPOT22 - Going Mobile: Documents on the Go with Relativity Binders 
SPOT23 - Encoretech Training As a Service (TaaS): Legal Technology Edition
SPOT24 - nScaled: Disaster Recovery As a Service


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